Hi everyone, it’s Juliane and Wolf!

We’re getting a better overview by now how the COVID-19 crisis has affected our work of filmmakers. In a nutshell: It has hit us on all levels.  

In detail this means: Work on most of our film projects has been cancelled or postponed indefinitely, this includes the final touches on The Curse of Hobbes House. Which leaves us especially gutted seeing as we made some great connections recently at the Berlinale and due to the good faith and spirit of our co-workers and partners, it looked as though we were on track to finish Hobbes House in time to present it at the film market in Cannes. Now, if and when this is happening is uncertain. Then again uncertainty is part of an independent filmmaker’s job description, isn’t it 😉 

On the plus side, we’re still able to work on the projects that don’t require us to be in meetings, on location scouting, on set etc. This includes coming up with new ideas, writing exposés, treatment and scripts. For now we’ll do that. Also, we’ll figure out how we can make the best with the time at hand and will continue to be creative and connect with you. 

Stay safe and healthy and look out for each other.

Much love,

Juliane & Wolf