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When the shy 12 year old orphan Bendix Brodersen is adopted by a quirky scientist and her family, he gets the chance to live out his dream on a secret island full of dinosaurs in the south Pacific; but when nosy tourists threaten to hunt the dinosaurs and expose the island’s secret, Bendix and his friends come up with a plan to fight back.

  • Genre: Family Adventure
  • Status: In Development

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When the quirky scientist Thekla visits 12-year-old Bendix Brodersen in his orphanage the boy’s life takes an unexpected turn for the better. Thekla adopts Bendix and now the boy is in for the biggest adventure of his life. Together with her husband Knut and their daughter Ida (13) Thekla guards a small, secret island in the south Pacific, where time has stopped in the late Jurrasic and the last living dinosaurs roam the island’s thick forests and rocky beaches. Bendix is over the moon when Thekla allows him to join her and her family on the island.

For shy Bendix this would be a dream come true, if it weren’t for the bully Chris, Bendix’s archenemy who Thekla adopts as well. Chris makes Bendix’ life a living hell. Realising life on the secluded island is full of work and various dangers, lazy Chris strives to escape back to civilization by any means necessary. Eventually he manages to secretly send a letter in a bottle, a plea to rescue him containing the exact location of the dinosaur island. The yacht of famous world traveler and hunter Gabe intercepts the letter in a bottle and shortly after drops anchors off the dinosaur island’s coast.

If Gabe and his crew discover the island’s secret, all is lost and the life of the dinosaurs will be forfeited. Bendix and his friends have to do everything they can to get rid of Gabe and his entourage of tourists. Bendix knows it’s up to him now to preserve the island’s secrets and save the dinosaurs; and maybe he’ll be able to teach Chris how to make friends too.