The Curse of Hobbes House

  • Genre: Horror
  • Status: Post Production 


When JANE DORMANT is at her wit’s end trying to make ends meet, she learns about the death of her GRANDMOTHER. Expecting some potential benefits from the inheritance Jane makes her way to her grandmother’s remote estate, Hobbes House, to attend the reading of the will.

When Jane arrives at the estate she finds herself face to face with her estranged but successful half-sister JENNIFER, who has brought along her lover NIGEL THATCHER, an investment banker from London.

The only other people attending are EURYDICE SAUL, the solicitor and NASER MOHAMMEDIN, a Syrian refugee, who worked as the groundskeeper for Jane and Jennifer’s late grandmother.

The reading of the will gets harshly interrupted when Saul is killed in a gruesome accident. When a storm cuts off the estate from the outside world, Jane is attacked by the reanimated corpse of Saul. Things spiral more and more out of control and soon enough the group faces a horde of bloodthirsty undead corpses seeking to kill.

Director’s Statement

I always felt like I need to get back to shooting an out-and-out horror film. There’s nothing as the fun on set of a Zombie flick. While waiting for other big projects to be greenlit, I was talking to executive producer Malcolm Winter if he was game to shoot and finance a low budget film in between, and he was!

Whenever there’s political turmoil in the world, horror, and specifically Zombie films become very popular. Currently, with Brexit looming, with Trump in the US and a number of populists rising in mainland Europe (not to talk about wars and conflicts on other continents) I do believe it’s the right time to express one’s feeling through a movie like THE CURSE OF HOBBES HOUSE.

On the outside the film is just a story about two sisters in a home invasion Zombie film, but underneath you can find a political statement if you wish. Enjoy.

Juliane Block (director)


Jane Dormant

Mhairi Calvey

Nigel Thatcher

Kevin Leslie

Jennifer Dormant
Makenna Guyler

Makenna Guyler

Naser Mohammedin
Waleed Elgadi

Waleed Elgadi

Eurydice Saul
Jo Price

Jo Price

Alexandra Dormant
Emma Spurgin Hussey

Emma Spurgin Hussey


Hobbes House will be shot 90% at Kings Weston House, a Grade 1 listed building that was completed in 1719 and designed by Sir John Vanbrugh, who also designed Blenheim Palace. The house boasts a plethora of 18th-century features, including magnificent ceilings, marble fireplaces, and a stunning suspended central staircase. It is elegant and characterful, yet retains the charm of a lived-in and loved family home.

Surrounding the house are woodlands and green fields, and free parking is available in the woodland car park. Kings Weston House is situated just 10 minutes from Bristol city centre, and a short drive from both the M4 and M5 motorways.


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