In a UK overrun by the undead, two sisters team up with a group of battle hardened survivors to engage on a dangerous mission: In order to save humanity they’ve got to find and kill the Necromancer, who uses dark forbidden rituals to control  the undead and raises hell on the world of the living.

  • Genre: Horror
  • Length: 90 min
  • Status: Development


It’s three years after the gruesome events at Hobbes House; the Dormant family residence and the UK have collapsed. The undead Guardians, resurrected by an ancient curse placed on the Dormant’s, have overrun all of England, Scotland and Wales. The British mainland is under strict quarantine. The few survivors are fighting for their lives, dependent on supply air drops from mainland Europe and staying in hiding. Amongst all this mayhem the two last remaining members of the cursed Dormant family, Jane and Jennifer, are fighting for their survival.

After a brutal run in with a horde of undead Guardians, Jane and Jennifer learn of a rumour: In the depth of the haunted woods, where Hobbes the Witcher found his unmarked grave, a necromancer has set up his domain. From there, using dark forbidden rituals, he has altered Hobbes’s curse, gaining control over the undead Guardians. Now they follow his will, raising hell on the living. Being the only ones able to end the curse for good and save humanity, Jane and Jennifer gather a group of battle-hardened survivors to engage on a dangerous mission: Find and destroy the Necromancer! 


Jane Dormant

Mhairi Calvey

Jennifer Dormant
Makenna Guyler

Makenna Guyler

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