When Santa Claus gets spellbound into a piglet it’s up to a bold 10-year-old girl to save him from being eaten and to resurrect the true spirit of Christmas.

  • Genre: Family Adventure
  • Length: 90min
  • Status: Pre-Production
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On the morning of the 23rd of December, 11-year-old Lyra Rust and her family make their way across a storm-tossed sea to a remote island off the coast of the UK to visit Lyra’s grandfather, Henry Rust.  Tensions amongst the family members quickly escalate into full-blown arguments. Having lost her faith in the spirit of Christmas, Lyra escapes to the barn, where she finds herself face to face with a talking piglet, who claims to be the spellbound Santa Claus.

When her grandfather falls fatally ill, Lyra has only 24 hours to save his life.

Guided by the mysterious talking dog, Garm, Lyra sets out on a journey to the mystical Dreamland where she hopes to restore Santa’s powers and ask him to save her grandfather. On their way, Lyra and Garm encounter many strange creatures. Some friendly like the demon Krampus or the teleporting gnome Tomte, some vicious like the child-eating giantess Gryla with her 13 sons, the Yule Lads, and their ferocious pet, the Yule Cat.

Making her way deeper into these strange lands, Lyra begins to understand that this merry adventure will change her understanding of the true nature of the Spirit of Christmas, forever.

Director’s Statement

As director I believe in new challenges. I believe filmmakers should work in different genres and attempt to tell different stories, to grow, but also to keep their work fresh and entertaining.

I embarked on the biggest adventure of my life two years ago, when I became a mother of a beautiful son. With parenthood the desire to create stories for the entire family grew and the idea of ‘Lyra’s Wish’ was born. Who doesn’t like family adventures, who doesn’t like animals, and, above all, who doesn’t like Christmas? ‘Lyra’s Wish’ combines all those aspects in an entertaining story about family and values and what those mean specifically during the time of Christmas.

I love movies like ‘The Labyrinth,’ ‘The Dark Crystal’ and ‘The Goonies.’ I watched those films over and over again being a kid. Those films are my inspiration to create a compelling story which takes children seriously while being visually as entertaining and interesting. In ‘Lyra’s Wish’ we will have the real world set on a British island during winter time with a stunning landscape, while Lyra still embarks onto a journey in her own magical fantasy world, where she meets spellbound Santa Claus and other mythical creatures.

My aim is to watch ‘Lyra’s Wish’ during a Christmas soon to come with my son and see him enjoy the film.

Juliane Block (director)

Cast (confirmed)

Santa Claus

Graham McTavish


Mhairi Calvey

Meat Hook

Jimmy Vee

Peg Legs

Nikki Bond

Gully Gawk

Fatemeh Sarebani

Greedy Guts

Mike McGarvey

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