The Malaysian underworld is at war with the Hong Kong Triads, an invisible feud kept from public eyes. But when a young girl gets murdered, the case blows up in the headlines. Everyone is a suspect. The Malaysian Police, and their long-time understanding with the underworld, gets dragged into public scrutiny. What follows is a trail drenched in blood, suspense and betrayal.

Film Credits

Juliane Block
Juliane Block
Adrian Lai
Braham Singh
Min Li
Vikneshwaran Balasundran
Alfred Loh
Adrian Lai
Cheryl Lee

More Information

Emperor (2008) Logo
Country: Malaysia
Language: English, German, Chinese, Malay
Released:1 January 2008
Duration: 96 min
Genres: Action/Adventure Drama Suspense/Thriller

Emperor (2008)

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