LAST STATEMENT portrays a series of offenders awaiting execution with actual convicted felons' last statements while asking the question, how far can seemingly average, everyday people bend before they break?

Film Credits

Jacob Steiger
Juliane Block
Bruno Simões
Andrey Alistratov
Todd Felderstein
Will McCord
Hazuki Aikawa
John Versical
Rebecca Hu
Marty Shea
Orla Wolf
Ernest Worthing
Juliane Block
Todd Felderstein
Orla Wolf
Glen Cornish
Bryan Carmody
Bryan Yoshi Brown
Emily Bell
Andrew Bee
Smokey Miles
Robbie Beniuk
Karen Leabo
Richard Henry
Todd Felderstein
Sidi Henderson
Matt Mitchell
Pam Heffler
Jonima Diaby
Sonny Burnette

More Information

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Country: United States, Germany
Language: English
Released:29 April 2013
Duration: 30 min
Genres: Drama

Last Statement

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