• UK Film Investment


    Make your next smart investment Brexit and recession proof with a UK Film investment.


    Investing in UK films can offer generous returns and is Brexit and recession proof. The benefits extend far beyond the sale of box-office tickets:

    • DVD sales, licensing to TV broadcasters
    • Online platforms
    • Merchandising revenue all count towards a film’s profit and can continue to generate returns for many years after its theatrical release


    The chance to be part of the magic of the movie industry is another perk of many film- investment opportunities.

    In some cases, your investment entitles you to appear in the movie as an extra, attend film premieres and red-carpet events and see your name appear in the credits at the end of the film.

    The UK film industry is a thriving business with an impressive history. Despite the financial crisis the film industry remained buoyant and continued to make money and offer good returns for investors, while other industries struggled. A recent report by the British Film Institute (BFI) showed that the UK film industry is a valuable part of the UK’s creative industries, with a turnover of £7.3 billion and a direct contribution to Gross Domestic Product of 2.9 billion. J Blockbuster Ltd is offering unique film investment opportunities with a return that can last a lifetime.

    Investing with J Blockbuster with smaller production budgets offers the chance to make more profits for the investor with less risk than a Hollywood production with a huge production budget, where overheads need to be recouped before investors will see a return. J Blockbuster films do not need to be a huge success at the box office in order for an investor to receive a return on their investment, that’s the benefit of investing with us.


    • The Investor can have his/her name in the film credits.
    • The chance to be involved with the production of the film.
    • The chance to meet Cast & Crew.
    • Invitation to attend red carpet events including film premiere.
    • VIP opportunities to attend special events.
    • Sample merchandise.
    • Tax relief benefits (Enterprise Investment Scheme, Government sponsored scheme.)

    It is important to note that the above benefits are subject to the particular film and the amount invested in the production.

    For more information please contact: info@jblockbuster.com


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