Clifford De Spenser

Associate Producer
Brief info

Clifford has been active in the international film and television industries for over thirty years, as his IMDb credits will attest. His work field has ranged from low budget independents to Hollywood blockbusters to acclaimed tv dramas. He has gathered a wealth of professional experience and invaluable contacts in front of and behind the camera. These he is now harnessing moving forward as a creative producer, under his banner of Clemency Films: optioning and developing scripts, mentoring writers, producing short films, and bringing together the talent and funds required to make a project happen.

Clifford first worked with the JBlockbuster team in 2017 as Script Editor and Dialogue Coach on 3 Lives. Since then he has collaborated with them as Associate Producer, working as Script Editor and Casting Consultant on upcoming projects: Frankenstein Gothic (now reimagined as M.arys), Fear the Invisible Man and Lyra’s Wish: Saving Santa. His first Associate Producer credit was realised in 2019 on The Curse of Hobbes House which is now in post-production.

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