Juliane Block

Brief info

Drawn to the dark side of human nature, Juliane Block’s films have always taken inspiration from the horror, fantasy and thriller genres. From the violent underground world of Asian gangs (Unsecured Loan, 2007, Emperor, 2008) to the psychological trauma of sexual abuse (3 Lives, 2019 & 8 Remains, 2018), Block’s unflinching visionary flair has made her an internationally recognised, award-winning filmmaker.

Block grew up in Northern Germany and although she obtained a Masters in Design, an early fascination with make-up and prosthetics led her to experiment with making zombie masks. When she got an opportunity to work on Timo Rose’s underground zombie feature Mutation (1999), her fate was sealed.

After spending six years in Asia, in which time she made nine shorts and the feature films Emperor and mockumentary Kinks (2011), (‘Best Asian Comedy’ winner at Australia’s Colortape Film Festival), she returned to Germany to get involved in the multi-director project Train Station (2015) a CollabFeature project which went on to win eight awards, including ‘Best Feature’ at the Los Angeles Diversity Festival and ‘Best Feature’ at the Kansas International Film Festival in 2016, as well as the Special Jury Award at the Film Fest Kosova.

Recently Block has returned to her genre roots with psycho-sexual fantasy thriller 8 Remains (2018) - released on Amazon Prime Nov 2018) and 3 Lives (2019), in which Mhairi Calvey (star of Braveheart & Abduct), plays a kidnapped rape victim forced into a bizarre survival game to learn who her real enemy is. 3 Lives was UK-financed and Block’s close ties with producer Malcolm Winter will see her return to direct a family fantasy adventure film, Lyra’s Wish: Saving Santa, in which a little girl takes it upon herself to save Santa from extinction, as well as The Curse of Hobbes House, currently in post-production, in which Block will be going back to her early roots: Zombies.

Besides Bendix Brodersen, she also has her eye on a Sci-Fi Action adventure called Foster and The Fall of Men, a more hard-core Sci-Fi thriller.

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