Malcolm Winter

Executive Producer
Brief info

Malcolm Winter has a long history in the fund-raising world and also has many years of experience as a business analyst. He is particularly strong in the area of connecting the right kind of businesses with the most suitable financial vehicles. His key areas of expertise are in sourcing investment opportunities, negotiation and strategy.

Malcolm was a property buyer and director with Roxbourne Estates in the ’90s and was responsible for all the budgeting for the refurbishments, as well as managing the refurbishments to a high standard. Malcolm also had a large property portfolio which he sold in the late ’90s.

For the last 16 years, Malcolm has established himself in the entertainment business and is executive producing films and TV Shows, including very recently The Curse of Hobbes House an exciting horror zombie thriller, and psychological thriller 3 Lives, Crystal’s Shadow a sci-fi thriller and 8 Remains a mystery thriller.

Previous titles include; Abduct, Adormidera, Mightier than the Sword, Warriors, Rise of the Appliances and two seasons of the TV Show Checkmate. Malcolm has five films and one TV show in pre-production.

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