Wolf-Peter Arand

Brief info

Wolf-Peter Arand is a writer and dramaturg. He was born on the 31 of January 1987 in a small village by the Baltic Sea in the former GDR (East Germany).

Holding a Masters in Film Studies from Freie Universität Berlin, he writes screenplays for short and feature films, stage plays, along with poetry and prose.
Arand published his first book, ‘Gedankenschatten’, a dystopian German-language short novel, in 2011.

Since then, he has shifted his attention toward writing screenplays. In 2013, he met director Juliane Block and the two developed a prolific working relationship. Arand first worked as a script doctor on Block’s movie ‘8 Remains’, released in 2018. He then wrote and co-produced Block’s next feature film, ‘3 Lives’, a psychological thriller starring Mhairi Calvey due for release in 2019. After finishing work on ‘3 Lives’, Block and Arand moved on to develop the zombie horror film, ‘The Curse of Hobbes House’, shot in February/March 2019 and currently in post-production.

Arand has several other projects in the pipeline, for example the Christmas adventure movie ‘Lyra’s Wish: Saving Santa’ and the sci-fi thriller “Fall of Men”.

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